Chanson Water Magnification Study

Chanson Water is proud to be a leader in the water filtration and ionization industry. We contracted a team of scientists who have been studying water for 25 years to take thousands of pictures of Chanson alkaline and acidic ionized waters as well as the source tap water and water that had been run though a non-electric ORP filter.

This study is being conducted by VisionLab laboratory in Zurich, Switzerland using Swiss tap water and is nearly complete. We are excited to announce the preliminary results of this study, the purpose of which is to see the crystallography of different types of water to study electromagnetic coherence and quantum fields.

Electric water ionizers restructure tap water through the process of electrolysis which splits the water into two streams: alkaline and acidic. Japanese scientists have found that ionized water has fewer water molecule clusters than standard water. The following photos have been magnified hundreds of times to show the structure of the water and how it is changed. These amazing photos speak for themselves.


Here you see a photo of the Swiss tap water before any alteration. Notice all of the tiny black holes. This is the source water used in the study and should be considered a reference point.

alkalinewatermagnified watermarked

This is a photo of the same Swiss tap water after it has been run through an electric Chanson water ionizer on one of the alkaline pH settings. Hard to believe, isn’t it? The water has been completely transformed and no longer has any black holes but instead shows a beautiful glow and crystal formations. I don’t know about you but this is the kind of water I want to be drinking.


Here you see a photo of low pH Chanson ionized acidic water made with the Swiss tap water and an electric Chanson water ionizer. Acidic water is not for drinking but has a number of non-toxic antibacterial uses like household cleaning and wound care. Isn’t it amazing how vastly different it looks from the alkaline water? Crystals have formed which now resemble pine branches or snowflakes and a wintergreen color highlights these crystals.


Now we’re looking at Swiss tap water that has been run through a non-electric ORP filter. Some people are turning to these more affordable devices in lieu of an electric water ionizer either because they can’t afford it or because they truly believe that the water produced is “just as good.” But here we see that the tiny black holes in the tap water have now become large black dots. Crystals have formed but they are nowhere near as appealing as the alkaline water made by the Chanson electric water ionizer.


In this side-by-side comparison photo we see similarities between the low pH acid water and the water from a non-electric ORP water filter. Note that even though the filtered water has a great pH and ORP level, the structure of the water is nowhere near as appealing as the Chanson alkaline water we saw earlier.

Therefore, one could hypothesize that the electric charge from the Chanson ionizer is what makes the difference. As electrical beings, our bodies crave water with an electrical charge. While you may get some benefit, you will NOT likely get the same results from drinking non-electric alkaline water as you will from drinking ionized alkaline water from a Chanson water ionizer because the structure of the water is so different.

Again, I know which water I’d rather drink, how about you?


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